The interface Network
The first Job and the Octasoft server are now online

As the development continue you can create an account and try the first job or try to hack the Octasoft server.
- In the first job you will use the basic tool on the interface and if you finish it you interface will be upgraded to see the next update we'll do in a couples of weeks.
- The Octasoft server is a stand alone game where you try to send all your virus to the enemy server and let it stand for 3 round with at less 1 virus, you first need to configure your interface using your Vcoin, then try to drop the Octasoft firewall to 0 using Bruteforce. You can always reconfigure your interface to get back some Vcoin. The Octasoft server will also try to drop your firewall and send you some virus so be carefull.

More update coming soon. Have fun